Ex-Jimmy John’s employees in Sunset Hills accused of stealing $100K

SUNSET HILLS, Mo. – Two former Jimmy John’s employees in Sunset Hills are accused of stealing nearly $100,000 from the restaurant in an embezzlement scheme.

Brian Krebs, who formerly reported for The Washington Post, shared a blog this week detailing the accusations. The blog says two employees ended up with cash by not properly logging transactions through receipts. In some cases, customers did not receive receipts back from the accused employees, which allowed for concealed transactions and the potential of pocketing money.

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According to the blog, the store’s owner told Krebs, he began to suspect something suspicious when he took over the Monday and Tuesday shifts for the couple. The manager noticed that cash receipts at the end of Monday and Tuesday were “substantially larger” than when he wasn’t managing transactions. It was a pattern he noticed over several weeks.

FOX 2 attempted to contact the Jimmy John’s management team at Sunset Hills via phone, but the restaurant has not answered or returned a call as of Thursday afternoon. The Sunset Hills Police Department tells FOX 2 that the restaurant filed a police report over theft at the restaurant, but could not disclose any further details. It’s unclear whether criminal charges will be filed in the case.

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The IRS tells Krebs that under U.S. federal law, anyone convicted of embezzlement could face penalties up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and several years in prison.

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